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Later Burmese Chronicle: Sri Lanka, Lansang-Laos, etc. (c. 1576-1578) (UKIII:20-27)

UKIII:20. Handing over of relics of the form of teeth of the lord Buddha from Theingo island:

In the year 938 (1576) on the first wave 8th waxing moon they started making a place for inserting pre.ious stones at Mahawisaya pagoda. Within that year on the 11th waxing moon of 2nd wave on a thursady a female white elephant from Tawei arrived within that 2nd wave 3rd waning moon on a monday the Dammapala king who ruled over Theingo island sent lots of presents with arms and ammunition and relics of the lord buddha in the form of teeth to insert in the golden pagoda that he was sending with two ships, one ship loaded with presents and on another by loading the relics of the lord buddha's teeth by ordering four ministers to Iead the two ships thus arriving to the port of Bassein. When he (the king) heard that the ship had arrived at Bassein he wss so pleased that at the port he ordered to build a very nice temporary building to load the relics of the lord buddha apart from that the arrangements to receive the relics of the lord buddha included the construction of a case of rubies inserting the relic and also another precious stone called the "lamp of four islands" which is so valuable that the value cannot be fixed a precious stone put on by Binya Bayan, and another precious skene eh1ch was handed over by the Momeik sawbwa so valuable that no one can fix the vice. So valuable that no one knows how valuable it is and anotner precious stone put on by the Dammazedi king which also do not know the value. Another precious stone handed over by the Ayudhya king also for which the value cannot be fixed. These four precious stones by inserting it in the four dimensions of the case or tin thus loaded inside another case fully decorated with rubies as for this ruby case the teapot of the king made of rubies was inserted inside of it, the teapot was inserted inside a ruby betel box, as to the betel box purely decorated with rubies it was inserted inside a pagoda made of nine types of precious stones. As to that small pagoda made of precious stone. As to that pagoda by loading it upon a building also made of precious stones it was loaded upon a golden boat that they had to row it with a golden paddle as to those who had to row the boat they had to put on a golden hat that they also had to put on a golden necklace and bracelets that they had to sit in front of the golden boat and rule from there. Later from behind four golden boats as if a celestial princess by ornamenting with beads, earrings, and necklace, by ornamenting with these things together with golden paddles they had to row and follow from behind, then only a boat made in the form of a white duck as if it is about to fly by packing rubies inside its mouth. By riding inside its mouth. By riding on such golden boat from in front eight golden big boatsand in back eight golden big boats have to pull the royal boat. As to those three hundred marked with golden ring by loading musical instruments upon them including xylophone, drum, harp, nin, they had to play almost vibrating everywhere along the river. From around the golden raft they had to row with golden paddle and follow from behind. Apart from that soldiers also with strange boats carved in the form of various animals buffaloe, bird, crocodile, sea animal, wild duck (Karaweik), crane, Hintha duck~ Ginnaya half bird half human, both made in the form of animals and birds on all these boats different types of shields and spears were loaded on khe.. These different types of fighting boats had to accompany from front sides and behind. Apart from that as to all those soldiers together with Zalakapi (very big boat), Kuyot (boat with canvas), Taman (provision carrying boats), Katu (boat carved from single wood), lunjin (fast boat), all these 1000 fighting boats by loading with cannons and mosr tar s they had to follow behind. His younger brothers, generals and ministers together with boats they got by loading musicaI instruments upon their boats (harps, trumpets, xylophone) by plaYlNG THESE INSTRUMENTS and celebrating their regalia they had to follow from behind, with such arrangement almost vibrating the whole river they went down to welcome from Hanthawaddy the golden paalace right down to Bassein the golden sea port. When they arrived to the sea port they by spreading 10 types of precious stones they offered up to the relics of the lord buddha in the form of teeth, they alsc offered up roofing in the form of gold and roof made of silver, and pendant made of silver and one made of gold, they offered up these things alot. Then only as to those four ministers sent by the Thaingo king they handed over the lettere and presents given by the king. The lettere by addressing with nice and humble words after praising the might and glory of his majesty the king it mentioned the four kings who had divided Theingo island between them and were ruling separately: Kwetinmin, Kanti, Ditawei, DammapaIa, these four groups. The first threee were not supporting the buddhist religion. Insteed by taking gentile concepts the glory of the Buddhist religion had decreased. The religion which is surpassing all the kings ruling over the world and the king Mahadammayit who desires for the benefit and progress of this religion. In Theingo island where we are ruling with four kings and four groups. Only when you supress them with your power will our religion prosper for ever. You Mahadammayit king being a king who fused to straighten forward those gentile concepts and made them straight and righteuous ones you being a king of such now I am sending the authentic relics of the lord buddha in the form of a tooth. This is what the letter said. When the king heard the content of the letter by saying that it was an authentic relic he was overjoyed that he paid homage again and again several times. At that time Thirizeiyanawrata was addressing, "During the reigning of Nawratasaw who was our ancestor by giving presents together with the holy monk Shin Arahan when they asked for relics they did not get the authentic ones they got only a portion of one not a whole one. During the reign of great great grandson Alaungsithu also by marching right up to CHiana they requested one by leaving the authentic teeth we did not even get a portion of it. Due to your majesty's might and power we neeed not even ask for it the authentic one is arriving. All these things are happening that up to the 5000 years of Buddhist religion it will recorded by people as a milestone." He addressed in this way. When the king had heard the addressing of Thirizeiyanawrata at a the king said when my desire for Ketumadi was fulfilled and when I recieved my coronation I swore to my self that I be who will raise the religion of the person (lord) who gained enlightensent, thus according to my wishing (DeiEtan = sswearing relying on divine power) according to my wishing by suppressing over sany other kings giving them the true religion I raised a religion that is really teaching the truth. Because of these "eritorious deeds these relics in the form of teeth which no other king has ever had the chance to pay homage I have get it and I have to pay homage to it. During the time when the buddha himself was alive as if he was during ? / touring?. By giving great respect ot the relic from the te~porary building right up to the buidling built upon golden rock by loading upon white elephant, the king himself his ministers and generals surrounded by them he took relics of the late buddha. Then only by offering to the relics golden Tazaung, golden and silver pennant, golden and silver buidling, by offering these things up the boat which is carr\ying the relic has to march from the front. then only his son the crown prince, younger brothers, sons, ministers, generals, nephews; on those boats rowed by these people by loading upon them white umbrellas, decorational pieces by fixing these on the beats and playing various musical instruments they had to acco~pany around the royal boat carrying the relic. only upon those big boats and fighting white umbrella and pen~nts "nd so on raising all these and playing musical instrusents they had to folloowaround the royal boat carrying the relic. Then only the Katu LunJin and the rest of the big 1igthing boats by loading upon them cannons and mortars they had to escort them by coiming along them. Then only his sajesty the king on a yplden raft as if the celestial king's dignity very solemnly almost vibrating the whole river from the port of Bassein right up to Hanthawaddy golden capital they carried away. When they arrived to Hanthawaddy like a celestial feast they cele\brated a feast all the people monks and civilians as if they were in the time of buddha and the live buddha was arriving to their meal. They had exceeding joy that by taking off the ornaments and precious stones they put upon their body like gold silver and ornaments they took these off and started offering. As to the offering of umbrella and pennants they were uncountable. Then only as to the location of the relics by locating the golden pagoda where they inserted the relics by loading upon the head side of the king he paid homage to it. As to the new Pyodat made of spotty king never before donw by any other king. They had to carve that nice and strange Pyathat.

21. Discussion about Theingo (Sri Lanka) affairs:

Then only as regards to the affair addressed by the Theingo king by surrounding himself vith his younger brothers, sons, ministers and generals he discus with them. At that time the minister named Banya Dala. was addressing. Dammapala king who is ruling over Theinge island because he heard of the surpassing glory of your majesty the king over the world that only when he has to take refuge under your protection inturn you will supress the three kings from Theingo island with the intention was that after suppressing the religion of the Buddha will increase and develop he is sending the authentic relic of the lord Buddha which has never given to another king. By having consideration upon this fact it is not appropriate that if we are not going to help them by sending troops from your royal feet (it is only appPopriate to send troops (?)) together with five ships and a bit over 2000 warriors and about 3000 of them by selecting them out and letting them march ahead it will be appropriate said Banyadala (not the Banyadala who was a commander in chief. As regards to the addressing of Banyadala when Thirizeyakyawtin Nawrat a heard this he replied, "Theingo island being the source or location of the Buddhist religion it is famous in the whole of the southrern region (South asia, Zampudeit island) by letting the troops from your royal feet march over there and suppress it so that we have influence over them it will be appropriate to do such." adddressed Thirizeyakyawtin. As to the white elephant owner his majesty the king he said, "How shall we send troops so that we get influence over them." When the king asked in this way Banyadala said, "Out of the troops from different tribes of people sword, spear bow arrow pulled from such (??) means cannot be pierced with spear, cut with knife and so on, and those who are rough and maybe bullying type , rough type by selecting them out and by appointing them out and selecting ministers who are clever in administration by appointing commanders and second in commanders together with five ships a bit over 2000 and about 300 soldiers and by letting them march ahead after letting them know the significance of Theingo island we can let them march ahead and then we send younger brothers sons ministers and generals by appointing in big troops we have to march over there," said Binyadala.

UKIII:22. The content of the letter of the Dammapala king to the rest of the three kings:

Here on earth lord of lord and king of king's who is the white elephant owner his majesty the king. To be able to re- enlighten or regaining back the increase and progress of the lord buddha or person who gains enlightenment's religion by giving instruction the whole of Theingo island will be united for this purpose he is sending "ministers together with warriors who look like celestial soldiers because of that they have been here for over one month already. By receiving the instruction of the king if are ready to carry out for the religion unitedly please let us know properly. Not in that way if you are not going to humble yourself we will attack you right now said the letter. The king of Kweti, Kanti, and that of Titawi king all these saying we will not go against the Burmese king's troops. By receiving instruction we will carry out for the benefit of the religion. Then only by bringing along good presents and prize and money silver and good things to be given to the troops and soldie s thus the three kings together case to the Dammapala king's palace. As to the Dammapala when the three kings arrived by calling Sandaduria and Yazabinya according to the order they had to speak to those three kings. As to those three kings according to the order going against the order together with the Dammapala Dewi king they carried out for the benefit of religion unitedly. By saying that they gave lots of silver gold and strnage clothing to these two ministers and also to those soldiers then only the four kings by discussing and taking kite products of Theingo island such as basoe (woven with linen and silk thread cotton thread) thus in that way with various strange apart from that different types of scents were given these four kings loaded upon four different ships together with Sandaduria and Yazqabinya by following after behind them they came to handle (?) as to Sandaduria and Yazabinya by receiving gold silver and lots of clcthing given by those four kings together with all the rewards they went back to Hanthawaddy the capital. By arriving when they addressed to the king about the facts his majesty the king the white elephant owner was so pleased that he awarded Sandaduria the title Mahayoda together with regalias and villages to govern ever. As to Yazabinya together with the title Zeiyayoda given with regalia and villages to ruler over . As to those2,500 soldiers they were given with gold silver and paddy together with cloth1ng.

UKIII:23. About asking the affairs of Pinnyabat:

The slave of the Linzin king, the governor of Patalibot who was called Pinnyabat since the tise of Linzin king Byasesit without.receiving to be the slave of Byasesit he abandoned Patalibot town and entered into the royal feet. As to his majesty the king together with great regalia he was awarded with Sakyaw town which was included in the territory of Ayudhya. Later when his desire for Linzin was fulfilled he was given back with the town of Patalibot. As to that person called Pinnyabat, by abandoning Patalibot town again. By taking his wives and his sons (family) and troops he entered under the royal feet again. As to his majesty the king when Patalibot was arriving there by summoning him he asked him (what was going on). Pinnyabat addressed him, "As to my abandoning Patalibot town and arriving at your royal feet it is because I don't like the leisure (?) belonging to the Linzin villages. As to the Hanthawaddy capital it is the place source of religion. If I have to pass away by serving sovereign kings continually, if I have to pass away I will reach to Nat state. If I have to pass away in the bordering areas because of distraction of mind I will for sure have to go to hell. As to those facts, because I for see these facts, I have to once again come under your royal feet." He addressed in this way. As to the white elephants owner he was given gifts and quirters to stay in. Continuously he had to serve the king like other ministers. Once upon a time / Once Pinnyabat's friends those ministers who were his friends they said to Pinnyabat in this way, "As to those big towns included in Hanthawaddy such as Bassein, Myaungmya, Mottama, Dala, Dagon, all these are indeed big towns. Annually they have to handle about 90 to 100 viss of silver taxes. As to those ministers, big ministers, generals, princes who have to govern over there. Since they are great heroes and they couId prove brave in the battlefield they had to govern over them. As to the place called Linzin. This place belongs to Binya thei. Although his majesty the king did not grant you. By addressing upon the king you should try to gain one. Even though you are granted with a town by abandoning it you you have come again to the royal feet. What is the main cause of that?" Fle was asked in this way. Binnyabat also replied in this way. During the time of Linzin king Byasesit I was not getting angry over him, we were on good terms, while we were on good terms like that, inside my mind I used to feel that my leisurable life and attendants all would be ruined one day that I came to surrender under the royal feet. As I foresaw before my leisurable life was not destroyed. As to the whole Linzin town it was destroyed and ruined unimaginably. As to now Linzin was given to Upayit that he had to rule oveer it. Upayit and me , we have been friendds since we were young that I know about hsi capability. As to the relatives of Upayit, they are not good peopIe they do not knoe how to behave properly towards their benefactors. As to now Upayit became lord. As to Lord or king only when they are filled with good character will they be able to work for the benefit of people. Not because of such (?) if they misbehave they will ruin themselves and those linked to them. By foreseeing these facts I have come again to the royal feet now. As to the fact of my addressing now it may appear two years in the future. As to these ministers they said, "If you think in this way you should come right here." In the 938 (1576) on the 5th waning moon" of Waso at the Prome Sandoshin pagoda from the top of the pagoda to the base they applied with gold. Within that waxing moon on the 13th on a friday Mahawizaya Zedi was inserted with precious stones inside of it.

24. March again to Mogaung and Mohnyin.

(date) Let the youngest king's youngest son, Mindazet, to be a colonel and march to Mogaung and Mohnyin, because the facts of Mogaung and Mohnyin are not yet complete.

(troop lists)

Mone Sawbwa, Thibaw sawbwa, Nyaungshwei, Onpaung, Mohnyin, and Momeik are leaders of forces in these 26 armies there were 1300 elephant fighters, 13,000 horses, 160,000 soldiers, marching to Mogaung. They marched by three separate paths.

25. Inserting precious stones inside the Mahawizaya pagoda

In Hanthawaddy in regards to the construction of the Mahawizaya pagoda, in the past when he was fighting against Tamein Tawrama he promised that when he became a king here in this place I will set up a pagoda. As regards to the the inserting of precious stones in the pagoda, the arrangements for loading the relics were the building fully ornamented with precious stones in the pagoda, the arrangements for loading the relics were the building fully ornamented with precious stones by loading it on the white elephant and in that small building in the form of the teeth of the Buddha which is equal to the appearance of gold. Theriratdato, relics that used to be touched by the Buddha, palei asin ni tudo, which looks like pearl relics, Cha ya asmni tudo, chaya seed relics, as these by inerting inside a small pagoda made of rubies by letting them lay inside there, they loaded them all on the white elephant. Apart from that different relics coming from the Sittaung side, Pintin side, Yeibu, Mawtu side. As to those inserting inside the silver pagoda and gold pagoda they loaded it all on a white elephant. Apart from that gold, silver, Pyissiloha, rock, metal, mixed with gold, silver, bronze, iron, and lead statues, ruby statues, Emerald, bayin (amber) statues. All these statues were carried by a pyathat, fully ornamented with a precious stones. The preface of the Abhidhamma, the preface of liturgy, all these by writing leaf together with the container of gold sheet (leaf), by loading on the white elephant which is auspicious for the occasion. this elephant was free from any bad omens (or bad obstruction). Together with a gold Tazaung, gold building, silver building, gold and silver pennants, umrellas, pennant (hti koka), by offering these things up a lot from the palace named Kamboza Pati right up to the pagoda as the two passages or paths by fencing up bamboo splits they have to grow bannana plants and sugar cane and they have to raise up there/fix up there with water pots and as regards to that by ornamenting the passage it became like the celestial road, Thu dat tana nat lan (like the roads walked on by Nats) by making it be a wonderful journey, Talaing, Burmese, Shan, Indian, rich men and wealthy men, ministers, generals, , kings, relatives, king's younger brothers,sons, all these by ornamenting their bodies, clothing them with strange cloth by celebrating by feast they had to send these relics to the pagoda. Within the year 938 (1576) on the 6th waning moon of Pyatho monday on the back of Kaunmudo Mahawizaya pagoda, by building a temporary tent for celebrating the feast the king stayed there in a temporary palace constructed for his enjoyment. Within that day together with the king's younger brothers, sons, ministers, generals, rich men, all these people presented gifts to the king. As to all those gifts, in the Kaung Mu Daw Maha Wizaya pagoda he offered up for the construction of a Thudammasaya, a house of public worship, for applying gold to it, he offered it up. On the first waning moon of Pyatho he inserted precious stones for the second time. Within that Pyatho on the 12th waning moon on a Monday he made the third insertion of precious stones. At that time from the Thalan (temporary palace) right up to the Kaung Mudo pagoda together with his younger brothers, sons, ministers, generlas, and concubines he sent these relics himself. Within that day to be able to apply on the pagoda built by him with gold he offered up his betel box, teapot, and water jar covering and the cup with which he used to drink water. Altogether making 13 viss and 70 ticals of gold, by making gold leaf out of them, being lead by Tinkayaza, Ngywei Shwei Nyo, Nayetaun, and the abbot Nandatharathadana guru they have to apply gold on the pagoda. (all the objects given by him were used by him daily) Within that year on the 9th waxing moon of Tabaung on a Sunday he gave in marriage his son Shintisa together with his daughter Minbomya, he gave them a betel box having 8 spheres and a teapot ornamented with rubiesin a line, a horse fully saddled with gold. An elephant saddle also ornamented with gold. As to his daughter together with rubies ornamented upon a betel box, teapot, and one big gold umbrella and one small gold umbrella and palanquin to be ridden by maids were given to her. After finishing the construction of Kaung Mu Daw Maha Wizaya pagoda. In the year 939 () on the 11th waxing moon of Kason he raised an umbrella. At that time, those invited by him were Langsang Ayudhya, Tokatei, Taninthari, Reikthalauk, Lagunthima, Akyaw, Maingsan, Kyaington, Zinme, Mone, Nyaungshwei, Theinni, Thibaw, Momeik, Bhamo, Sagaing, Ava, Salin, Taungdwin, Prome, Toungoo, Dwayawaddy, the three parts of the Talaing region, Dawe, those who were located in these towns, Burmese people, Talaing people, Shan people, by inviting them there around the Mahawizaya pagoda he feasted days 3 times (altogether 21 days). At that time the things offered him were to each of the monks together with the 8 utensils of monks, roles of cloth (Kata), koza (carpet), kinni, (mat), umbrella, tharapat (??), Theyinnei (???), Oun (pillow for lying on), mattress, rattan mat, different scents, ... betel nut, herbal medicine. (Tharapat = a type of fan used by priests, Theyinnei = leather?). As to the Pitikat Thounkyan, Pali Makala Nika Kyan (the buddhist scriptures, commentary on the Pali texts). Giving one each from those monks from far away. As to those monks who who wanted to enter into monkhood he supported 347 of them to enter into the monkhood. As to those monks invited to the feast were 7,257 of them together. As to all those holy monks he feasted them 7 days 3 times (in all 21 days). He also celebrated a feast for 21 days as if it was a feast of Nats. As to those ambassadors arriving from Theingo island they had to celebrate the feast together with ministers and generals that they had to praise/honor the feast. After making the Thadu (???) after sending off the Theingo ministers he had to go back. While they inderted precious stones into the Kaungmudo Mahawizaya pagoda from Hanthawaddy town right up to the pagoda so that people would take shade on the way beside the road where toddy palms and mango palms were grown. Apart from that in front of the pagoda on the eastern side, 1 garden, southern side 1, western side 1, northern side 1. By building them he offered them up. As to those fruits such as oranges, in those gardens and flowers with the selling of these things, they used them for the daily feast at the pagoda, fedding the monks with gold and silver begging bowls and curry cups by preparing them they had to offer daily. To be able to maintain and clean the pagoda he appointed 50 households each of Langsang, Talaing, Burmese households. To be able to make a joyful sound at the pagoda he offered up cymbals, zylophones, and drums. As to the elder sister Dammadewi the queen by coming from Ketumadi she came to offer at the pagoda after pouring the water together with the title of Dammadewi by making her receive the coronation with the chief queen's regalia she was given with big troops, she had to stay with white three story houses. (Sabeipan = jasmine, Kayinpeit = egg plant, thin potsuan food offered up to a pagoda or images)

UKIII 26. Catch the Mogaung Sawbwa.

While the son of the king Thayo waddy leader was marching to MogaungBola Taing Sa, the servant of the Mogaung sawbwa, ran away. The mogaung sawbwa's ministers can't live fo long in misery in the forest so they came out of the forest to meet Thayawaddy leader. After that, let them show the place where the Mogaung was living. Panle leader was made leader of Mogaung. Mogaung sawbwa with daughters and sons were taken back to the king's palace after that (Date) when they arrived to the king's palace, give sawbwa, daughter, elephant, horse, soldier, to king. King is very satisfied and gives him apresent of a ring, a ruby, and an elephant, Thiri Maha Nge and give name to Noi Yata Minsa as name. Also ministers and military leaders who also marched to Mogaung award. So after that call the Mogaung sawbwa before the ministers and soldiers and addressed him, "The young Mogaung sawbwa (Sawbwange)...I try to destroy MOgaung... when your father, the Mogaung leader was 17 years old he was my man, he stayed beside me day and night. I taught him the alphabet, I taught him. When I ate with a golden pot, I let him eat with me. I gave him clothes to wear. If your father had not lived, I would have given your stepfather rewards. I gave you titles and let you rule over Mogaung. When you think of how well I have treated you, you and all your relatives right down to your grandson should refrain from thinking against me. Now I see you have thought against me and you have lost all your elephants, horses, and military leaders. My son, ministers, soldiers, and horses are tired of you . I got caught in the forest also. With my power I got all your relatives. If it was another king you would not see my face and you would be in a lot of trouble. When the young sawbwas heard what the king said they bowed down to the king three times. Given all these facts you can kill me. I am not afraid to die. (7 tende/children ??) fall down at the same time. If you kill me, I must go to hell too." the king said. So I give you your life." But I must send all the people who gave him advice to India. After investigating all of the 100 people he sent them to GOlconda and gold ....(??) those people and handcuffed the Mogaung leader 7 days and 7 nights and then gave him a title and gave him a wealthy village

UKIII:27. Attending of White Elephant and offering up pagodas.

Within that year 939 (1577) on the 5th waxing moon of Tazaungmon his younger brother King of Prome Thado Dammayaza and his younger brother king of Toungoo. They were given with drums for striking when entering and drums for striking when going out. As to his son in law king of Ava Thado Min Saw he was granted with the drum for entering. Within that day a white elephant from Taninthari was arriving. As to that white elephant the governor of Dawei said I have found that elephant. The governor of Taninthari also said it was obtained because of my catching thus they were arguing. Thus by arguing they were addressing towards the king. As to the white elephant owner his majesty the kign he said "When we check the base we come to know for sure that the road is insidde the ground (??) as the saying goes like that. As to the rewardshe has to grant them by dividinginto three groups two portions were granted tc Dawei governor and one portion was granted to Taninthari. Within that 9th waxing moon of Tazaungmon, that is on a friday. His son Thingathata he celebrated the hair combing ceremony. Within that Tazaungmon that is 10th waning moon of that on a Sunday. As to the resting house (Thein = meditation house constructed by saintly people) this is an opening ceremony people when it was destroyed by revolting troops they had to build a new golden resting h~use and it was offered up there (this means that this meditation house was recited over by saintly monks). Within that Natdaw waxing moon 15th at the Mahawizaya pagoda constructed by him they constructed a Thein U:onstructed by him). Within that day inside the great wall offered up by him.....

: finished) .~..... within that Nat daw waxing moon that is on the 15th at the Kaunnudaw Mahawizaya pagoda he constructed a meditation house (their) within that day at the great wall constructed by him from the inside of the great wal from the east of the great wall there was a building. On the northern side there was a building and a rest house for meditation and preaching and gathering up for religious ceremony. Within that day inside the Kaunmudaw Tataing (??) within the four great walls he offered up four pagodas, four monasteries and 20 temples small 20 temples he also offered up 20 slaves to each monastery by buying them within that day he constructed 84 temples and he constructed a great wall called Maharan. Within that Pyathaw on the third waning moon of that on Saturday he caught a female white elephant at the Hanthawaddy golden palace gardens by gathering up those fruits and flower fees (that is the money they got by selling them) they used this money to build a lake near the Mahawizaya pagoda (the money sponsored the building). Within that day they constructed a very very big garden which none of the kings had never done. Thus he name that Sit Nata garden. As to the pond inside the garden he constructed two boats in the shape of Hintha wild ducks the symbol/sign of the town of Pegu. It had to be decorated with purely geld. As to the Mahawizaya pagoda constructed by him he used to go there once in two to three months as to the four buddhist monks he used to listen to the preaching one month from each buddhist month (??). Cloth for stiching rope or garments, rows of garments, rows of cloth, tea he offered all these things up to those monks. In the year 940 (1578) they had to level the hillocks in the eastern region of Hanthawaddy. He also constructed a building or meditiating house inside those pagodas. He also constructed new Amyawaddy (??). In the year 940 (1578) that is on 5th waning moon of Waso on a Wednesday he started a buidling called Yadanapyathat constructed very strangely to keep the teeth of the lord buddha relics. Within that Tazaung mon 5th waning moon on Wednesdat they inserted the relics of the Buddha inside the Pyathat. Within that Pyadaw on the 8th waning moon on a friday he raised the umbrella of the Sandawshin pagoda from Toungoo.


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