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Later Burmese Chronicle circa 1572 (UKIII:7-11)

UKIII:7 Raising the umbrella of Dagon Sandoshin Pagoda

In the year 934 (1572) in the month of Thadingyut on the second waxing moon on Monday they raised the umbrella of Dagon Sandoshin Pagoda by celebrating a big feast, they fed the monks for 7 days. He also offered up 700 sets of the 8 utensils of monks. Within that Thabodwe on the 4th waxing moon that is on Monday (Astrological dating) the shape of his son's hair to enter the religious life for a few days or months (enter Thingadata). In the year 935 (1572) on the 10th waxing moon of Naon on a Saturday in the royal garden. Those fruits baring there coconut, betel nut, orange, keiyan peing (eggments?), all these, the price of selling all these fruits and fruits altogether made 1000 viss of bronze that he cast a big statue of the Buddha. Within that day he bestowed titles on his elephants. Within that 3rd waning of Thadingyut on Wednesday because a white elephant arrived from Anan (Nan?). He brought this white elephant into his palace.

UKIII: 8 The pricess of Theingo (Sri Lanka) is sent to the Burmese King

On the waning moon of that Thadingyut on Monday, the king of Theingo island (Sri Lanka) sent his beloved daughter with all her attendents loaded on a ship. Because of addressing they arrived at the port of Bassein. When the king heard of this He got ready two big royal boats by building a two story house, a house of the type that used to be built in the Dawei region (Tennasserim) and together with a rest house and roofings (??). By sending 4 ladies (wives of ministers and generals) by appointing them to arrange everything and ride in the boat to welcome the princess. The large royal boat was pulled by four other large red royal boats The ministers and generals encirlced it with over 300 fine boats and followed it as drums, gongs, trumpets, bamboo clappers, harps, drums, and cymbals played. As they played, they vibrated the whole river as they crossed from the port of Bassein to Hanthawaddy. When they arrived, they were encircled by the younger brothers of the king, princess, sons of the king, ministers, generals, and soldiers together with their boats. In the palace grounds she was given a very fine house with keepers and attendants. Within that Natdaw on the second waning moon on Monday, the king built a very strange looking Pyathat building with high projecting roofs to keep the bronze statues of Buddhas. Within that day, as to the pagodas of Zinme which had collapsed fallen into disrepair, he offered 300 viss of silver to repair them. Within that day to repair the Caikpo pagoda which has fallen down to cover the cost of the bricks needed to repair the pagoda the king offered 305 viss of silver.

UKIII: 9 Awarding to sons and daughters

Within that Tapote Tweh full moon day, given in marriage between his son Udamayit and his daughter Khinphone Myat. Giving a betel box with 8 spheres, teapot, water jar cover, spitoon decorated with rubies in 5 lines, one Shwei Chet (a golden boat?), horse with golden ?? and golden saddle,, arch of an elephant saddle, 7 drums enameled with gold, 3 wind instruments (a type of flute), two trumpets, 10 sons of ministers, 10 elephants, and the town of Sitkaing. As to his daughters, together with things ornamented with rubies - betel box, teapot, water jar cover,, a spitton ornamented with rubies in three lines, a big gold umbrella and two small gold umbrellas and a palanquin for an unmarried lady.

He gave his son Shin Nan Myint in marriage to his daughter Thitawadithet, along with eight spheres of betel box, tea pot, water jar cover, spitoon ornamented with with ruby one line, one golden umbrella, horse with golden bridle, and the golden arch on an elephant's saddle., 7 drums ornamented with gold, three wind instruments (a type of flute), two trumpets, 10 sons of ministers, 10 elephants, that they were given with the town of Taungdwin. Ast to his daughter together with things ornamented with rubies - betel box having eight spheres, teapot, water jar cover, spitoon having three lines of rubies, one big golden umbrella, two small golden umbrellas, and a palanquin for an unmarried woman.

As to his son Shin U Pote by giving in marriage with his daughter Neh Ti Hla .... (same gifts as previous two paragraphs)...that given with the town of Nyaungyan.... (same gifts to daughters)

As to his son Waradamat by giving in marriage with his daughter Tukawati...(same gifts as above)... given with the town of Moulmein....(same gifts to his daughter).

Within that Tabodweh on the second waning moon a Friday from the front side of Kaung Mat Daw Maha Zedi, i.e. in Hanthawaddy, a rest house that none of the king ever built as such (i.e. magnificient) by building Tudamar resthouse both inside and outside ornamented with gold completely.

Within that Tapaung 3rd wax on a Wednesday, the sone of Yazadeewi queen Minter sit (Minth sit) was given in marriage with Tadoedammayaza's daughter. Sin pyu shin meh daw. On that very day Queen Yazadaewi celebrated an ear piercing ceremony of her daughter Yazadadukalya.

UKIII: 10. Making a journey to Dagon Sandoshin Pagoda

Within that Tabaung full moon day starting from the chief queen together with the king's sons, daughters, concubines, ministers, generals, and persons in charge of concubines, and bodyguards by being encircled by them. By riding in a boat made in the form of a wild Hintha duck and decorated purely with precious stones together with Leiyan (big boats) encircling over 300 and with 1000 fast fighting boats almost filling up the whole river (vibrating along the river) along the waterway he marched over to Dagon Sandoshin pagoda. As to the troops from overland by arranging 20 armies they had to march. WHen they arrived there they celebrated a large feast. As to the falling of the umbrella he raised it up also. As to the small bells hanging on top made of gold in the form of lightning, silver bells, all these were offerred up there. WIth the crown which he used to put on together with 32 viss of gold by making them into a thin plate from the very top right down to the base he applied with gold. And also by ordering two big lamps for burning all the time he offered up fire there. By staying on the pagoda for 5 days he went back both by waterday and overland.

UKIII: 11. Giving great alms

When he arrived back to the golden palace he raised the golden statue, lightning, silver, and pyissihoba statues. As to those invited monks were the whole Burmese country level, the whole Talaing kingdom level, the whole Siamese kingdom level, the whole shan state level, As to the abbots stayed at monasteries over 3,555 by constructing big temporary buildings on the compound of the pagoda that they were feasted there. Together with the 8 utensils of of monks, a type of cloth called Kata, pet-o, omei-ya (matress), kozo (mat), chilis, betel nuts, and herbal medicine, all these were offered to them. As to those staying at the Hanthawaddy, town of gold, Those poor people who did not have sufficient clothes and food were given a basoe and a shirt, 3 viss of bronze, and about 30 measures (tins?) of milk (rice?). Altogether 5,400 basoes, 16,200 viss of bronze, and 350 baskets of rice were distributed among the people. These baskets were distributed by the generals and ministers at the city gates. Those Burmese novices who were filled with courage entered into the Sangha (religious life) that day. Translations of the Atakata (Nikaya) from far away, 116 chapters all told, were given to the monks one volume each. As to rice, salt, and fishpaste, the provisions that were needed were given to the monks from far away and they were sent back properly to where they came from.


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