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Ava Chronicle Translations (1485-1513, UKII:107-108,110,114-118):

107. The passing away of Thado-damma-yaza

.....In the year 847 (1485) Sithu Ngeh, the ruler of Toungoo, was assasinated by his nephew Mingyinyo who then became king of Toungoo. Mingyinyo sent the Ava king Second Minkaung two young male elephants together with arms and many gifts as tribute. The Ava king, because he was clever in the art of ruling, did not say anything, and responded only with " I give Toungoo to you" and handed Toungoo over to Mingyinyo......

108. The Mon war arrives to Toungoo

In the year 854 (1492) in the Mon kingdom of Hanthawaddy due to the death of the Mon king Damazedi, In Pon Banya Yan ascended the throne. When he heard about how Mingyinyo the king of Toungoo (he marched to the border area and subdued them) Toe Taing Bwa, the ruler of Kyaungpya resisted with his elephant, but Mingyinyo defeated him in battle elephant to elephant and took many captives, buffaloes, and cows.
When these facts had been related to the Ava king Second Minkaung, he was so pleased that he presented Mingyinyo with gifts including a betel box, teapot, and waterjar cover. At this time Tetsheykyawhtin addressed the king. Mingyinyo built Dwayawaddy city but he never hands elephants, horses, and captives that he captures over to you as tribute. In the future, no doubt, he will revolt. Second Minkaung could not bring himself to believe that a ruler of a state as small as Tougoo would revolt.
The Mon king Banya Yan realizing that the ruler of Toungoo was destroying his border area, sent troops to attack and lay siege to Toungoo city. He appointed 40 ministers with 1000 fighting elephants and 160,000 soldiers to attack Tougoo (Dwayawaddy).

110. The white umbrella and the five regalia of a king are given to Min-gyi-nyo, king of Toungoo

The ruler of Toungoo sent a message to to Ava telling them that Hanthawaddy forces were marching on them, that the force was quite strong, and to send reinforcements quickly. When Second Minkaung was preparing to send reinforcements, before they were marching, Mingyinyo appointed Sithukyawhtin to be the commander over 10 fighting elephants and 10,000 soldiers to attack the Mon troops that encircled them, leaving the western gate of Dwayawaddy. As to the ruler of Toungoo by riding on his elephant named Daewanaga together with 30 auxiliary elephants and 20,000 soliders by going out from the Southern gate he attacked in that way. When all the 16 armies of the Mons were ruined, they all fled. They captured 70 elephants and over 3000 captives. Many of them were killed. Due to the addressing that conquering over Mon people and acquiring captives when the king came to know about that with the title of "Maha-thiri-zeya-thura" he allowed him to make use of a white umbrella and the five regalia of kingship, and awarded them with these things.

The king of Ava Second Minkaung dies in the year 862 (1500) on the fifth waning moon Tagu just before the beginning of a new year. Narapatit becomes king of Ava in the year 863 (1501) on the first waxing moon of Kasone on a Thursday.

Nga-taw-kya assasinates king Narapatit

In the year he ascended the throne (1501) during the month of Natdaw, Nga-taw-kya, the servant of Shwe-naw-rata, the son of his elder brother the king (?), while Shwe-nankyat-shin Narapatit was staying without any caution he was assasinated by sword. Because the cutting by sword happened to cut the handle of the white umbrella, the king was as if covered by a white umbrella. (this saved his life?) Meanwhile, the son of Shwe-nan-shin Narapatit's keeper, ruler of Ye-nan-ta, started running by standing up and embraced Nga-taw-kya. Then Nga-taw-kya while he was struggling with hiss sword, both of them fell down in th eform of embracing. Then the ruler of Ye-nan-ta by presuming that if Nga-taw-kya escaped, he would kill the king, he said to the king, "If Nga-taw-kya escapes this afffair, he will be ruined. Kill him together with me." Then Shwe-nan-shin Narapatit, not doing any harm to the ruler of Ye-nan-ta, just killed Nga-taw-kya-ngeh with the very sword he had used against him. He died in the palace.

Then only did the king order the ruler of Ye-nan-ta to catch Shwe-naw-rata by any means possible. Shwe-naw-ratha at that time was only 12 years old while he was staying in the palace with his mother the queen. The ruler of Ye-nan-ta took hin prisoner and handed him over to the king. The king made an investigation to find out who had enticed the young Shwe-naw-ratha to act in the way he did and when he found out who was behind the plot he had them killed. He also had Shwe-naw-ratha killed (in the water) (reference to traditional execution of princes: put in a bag and thrown in the water).

At that time king Mahatihaturat's servant Shin-htwe-na-tein, ruler of Pintale, the king's servant, Ti-mu, Shwe-le-mu, Ye-myat-hla, these five together, because they were worried that they might be killed in the purge with over 700 attendants, fled to Toungoo, and entered into the service of the Toungoo king.

In the year he ascended the throne 863 (1501) during the month of Tapaung by giving in marriage his older sister to Min-u-ti, the son of the older sister of his grandmother the southern palace queen, and they were given Yameitin town.
Ti-ha-pa-teit, the ruler of Pakangyi, Ye-le-se-sin and Ban-chi-se-thi-te, his daughter named Me-daw-chit-bwa was raised to be his queen as Dama-dewi.
As to the Taung-twin king's daughter Thiri-zeya-thura, the king raised her to be his queen.

As to elder sister Min-hla-myat, the daughter of the king's aunt, queen of Ta-saung, she was given in marriage to Sit-ta-min-gyi, the son of the Taung-dwin king Thiri-zeya-thura and they were given the townTaung-dwin. As to Sit-ta-min-gyi's younger brother, Min-gyi-shwe-myat, he was married to Toungoo Maha-thirizeyathura (Ming-gyi-nyo?).

114. Min-gyi-nyo was made king

In the year 864 (1502) he summoned his ministers and generals and discussed affairs of state. Thet-daw-shei addressed the king, "Now Mohnyin Sawlon has attacked our territory Mye-tu and Nga-ra-ne several times." (raid)Grandfather Thadominsaw king of Prome also cannot be trusted. Toungoo Mahathirizeyathura also has a lot of elephants, horses, and troops. If he is not faithful to the king, if he wants to revolt, then he can revolt. To prevent him from revolting, and so that he will serve the king for a long time, it is better to give him in marriage to someone closely related to the king. The king of Ava Shei-nan-shin Narapati was pleased with what he heard and he gave the daughter of his uncle Thadodammayaza named Min Hla Htoot to Mahathirizeyathura in marriage and allowed him to rule over the place called Talaingtae including five districts of diversifying place of the watershed (yei-lou hkayain) that in the year 864 (1502) he became king.

Within that year 864 (1502) Mohnyin Sawlon together with elephants, horses, and troops marched to Myetu and attacked the town which was included in the territory of Ava. Tet-daw-shei the ruler of Myetu resisted from the town. Due to delays in the arrival of troops that were coming to help him, he could no longer resist and during the night he fled from the town. After arriving in Dipehyin he joined with the ruler of this town and and resisted from there. As to Myetu town, it was captured by Shans.

Within that year 864 (1502) his father-in-law Minn-tinn-katu, the ruler of Salin, passed away, the late Min-tinn-katu's queen and his uncle king who was son opf king of Prome, by marching they revolted against Shwei-nan-shin Narapati.

In the year 865 (1505) when Salin king Tinnkatu's slaves and the son of the king of Prome, Mintaya Uyi were not on good terms and when they tried to catch him, Mintaya Uyi fled to Prome. Then Salin king's salve reported to king Narapati about his fleeing. Then king narapati by arranging troops both on land and water, by riding in a golden boatr, he floated down to Salin. Then he confiscated the elephants, horses, and troops of his brother-in-law together with her. When they arrived back in Ava, by keeping her inside the compound of the palace with a house and cared for her.
As regards the town of Salin, it was given to the younger brother of Thado ruler of Pakan, called his keeper, Situ together with troops.

In the year 865 (1503) when Bayakyawtu ruler of Nyaungyan was no more, that king's sons, Mintoneta and Minpyiwa, by relying upon the Toungoo king started revolting.

115. Min-ton-ta is attacked

In the year 867 (1505) Min-ton-ta and Nga-pyi-wa marched to aid the kings of Toungoo and Prome who were surrounding Salei which had become an independent state. Narapati called his ministers and generals together to ask for their advice. He told them that the kings of Toungoo and Prome currently had Salei encircled. He heard they they had come in great force. Would it be appropriate to send an expedition to put them down? Nei-myokyaw-tin addressed the king. Now it isn't Nga-ton-ta and Nga-pyi-wa, because it is the kings of Toungoo and Prome, there are strong forces gathered there. In the north of the country, in Sipotaya and Sitha and in Dipeyin since the royal troops are near the Mohnyin Shans pull away and don't come. (complicated sentence about troop motivation) For that reason, he told the king, it would be most appropriate if the Onpaung Sawbwa was called to help us.

The golden palace owner Narapati liked what Neimyokyawtin had to say, so he sent gifts to the Onpaung sawbwa requesting him to come. The Onpaung Sawbwa with 60 fighting elephants, 3,000 horses, and 40,000 brave warriors marched quickly to help his little brother. When he arrived at Ava, Narapati proceeded by river in his royal barge encrusted with gemstones (a lot of decorative features left out here). With five groups of land troops and 300 fighting elephants, 6000 cavalry horses, and 50,000 brave warriors, promoted (?) Thado of Pagan to the position of general and marched immeidately to the Onpaung Sawbwa. When he arrived at Salei - Bontaung they got out of their boats and attacked King Narapati, riding his elephant Saw-yan, attacked the enemy. The ranks of the Toungoo and Prome kings were broken and they fled from the battlefield. The Onpaung Sawbwa pursued the troops of Mindonta and destroyed them. They took more than 60 elephants, 10,000 horses, and 3,000 captives. They also captured Min-ton-ta and his elephant. Many died. From that time on, the kings of Toungoo and Prome were awed by and showed respect for king Narapati.

116. The Mohnyin Shans attack Dipeyin

In the year 868 (1506) Mohnyin Sawlon attacked the soldier garrisoned at Dipeyin and took the city. When Narapati heard of this, he quickly sent Thado of Pagan with 200 attack elephants, 3,000 cavalry horses, and 60,000 brave warriors. When they arrived in Dipeyin, the order was given (long order , lots of talking.......) Mohnyin Sawlon has become a sovereign over my horses, elephants, and soldiers (?) I'm not afraid of these affairs I'm not afraid of him attacking.

117. The revolt of Narapati's three brothers at Pakan

In the year 869 (1507) after Narapati's grandfather Tihapati, the ruler of Pa-kan-gyi, passed away, the throne of Pa-kan-gyi was empty. Narapati's younger brothers Thin-kathu, Min-gyi-lat, and Min-gyi-htwe, revolted against him, gathering elephants, horses, and troops and taking refuge in the town of Pakan. When Narapati heard of this, he appointed 8 armies composed of 200 fighting elephants, 5000 horses, and 80,000 soldiers and they marched on Pakan. King Narapati together with 300 fighting boats and 30,000 soldiers advanced by waterway. When he arrived at Myaung-tu he joined with the other forces marching overland and encircled the town of Pakan. Seven days later, because there were almost no arms within the town to defend the town with, the rebels could resist no longer, and the walls of the town were mined. After Pakan was taken, Narapati summoned his three younger brothers in front of him, and spoke to them in front of ministers and generals:

"When our father and elder brother passed away since there is noone worthy to rule over the golden palace, I took the golden palace and ruled from there." Now recently there have been many disturbances caused by Prome, Toungoo, and Mohnyin, that when I am in trouble, instead of helping me, you turn against me and revolt, Even though I have a son, I do not give him the title of crown prince because I tend to bestow this title upon the person who works the hardest. Since you do not have any love for me, there is no way I can have pity on you."

After speaking to them thus, he executed his three brothers. Those who had joined with the brothers in their revolt were also executed.

118. The battle of Magwe

In the year 870 (1508) when Magwe which belonged to Burmese territory (not Shan?) was taken away by his grandfather the king of Prome Thadominsaw, by attacking, they remained there strongly.

When the king heard of this, he granted to Thet-daw-shei and Tha-daw with 300 fighting elephants, 5,000 horses, and 80,000 soldiers that they had to march overland. As to king Narapati, together with 300 Chinese boats built in the shape of Lon-kyin birds, 200 big iron boats, and 40,000 soldiers, travelling by boat he advanced by water.

Arriving at Magwe they attacked the boat armies coming from Prome Prome's troops were destroyed that fleeing by floating down, then only by encircling Magwe, both by overland and by waterway, they subjugated the twon. When the town had been subjugated, they captured 30 fighting elephants, 60 horses and over 2000 people. When he got to Magwe, by giving to Tuyin Banya with large forces he returned.

119. Receiving the title Shwe Nan Kyaw Shin

In the year 872 (1510) he (the king of Ava) built a new golden palace. Because he built that palace and because the architecture was so nice with such a unique design, he received the title "Shwei-nan-kyaw-shin" ("Lord of the Beautiful Golden Palace").

In the year 873 (1511) Shwei-nan-shin Narapati and the Onpaung Sawbwa set up an alliance. Sawlon the ruler of Mohnyin was envious of this alliance and marched to Bhamo which belonged to the Onpaung sawbwa with large forces and surrounded the town. Then the Onpaung sawbwa sent words to Shwei-nan-shin Narapati to march to to Myetu, a town where Mohnyin troops were staying, with large forces and encircle it. Then Shwei-nan-shin Narapati appointed 12 armies which were composed of 150 fighting elephants, 6000 horses and 120,000 soldiers and sent them to attack Myetu. When they arrived there, they attacked the town. Because the forces defending the town had lots of guns, cannons, and arms they could not take the city. They retreated to a distance from the city and encircled it. While they encircled the city, vassals of Mohnyin, the ruler of Twin-Tinn, Minkin, and Kalei together with 100 fighting elephants, 200 horses, and 40,000 soldiers, came to attack them in the darkness when it was raining incessantly at about 10 o'clock at night. The whole 12 armies of Narapati were destroyed. As to Shwei-nan-shin Narapati, he went back to Dipehyin and Sipotaya town and reinforced himself with elephants, horses, and troops.

In the year 875 (1513) he held an ear piercing ceremony for his daughter named Bae-daw-na-ma, born of the southern palace queen.


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