Monday, May 15, 2006

UKII:65: About the arrival of holy relics from Sri Lanka Island together with two months:

In the year 1430 [791 BE] from Lin-ga-dipa Theingo island, led by two holy monks named Thiritadamalinkaya and Thihahta Mahatomit carrying five caches of relics (yi-ya-dat = things touched by or used by the Buddha) arrived at Bassein Port carried by two ships. Although Banyayan the king of the Mons tried to stop them, they did not stop in the Mon kingdom. The Mon king Banyayan sent them to Prome in a very nice boat. When the king of Ava heard about this he went to Prome with 40 big and nice boats to welcome them. Moving up the river, arriving at Ywa-teit-gyi, encircled by queens, concubines, ministers, and generals, they were welcomed with a golden boat when they arrived to Ava. There was an earthquake that shook the earth severely. Then the king said he would interpret this omen. For supporting the religion they bring these five relics. As regards the earthquake, this is a sign that religion will shine forth for a long time. As to the king by taking those relics at the western part of Sagaing on a very nice and decent ground, by constructing a Yadana pagoda (a pagoda filled with precious stones in the year 792 = 1430 on a Saturday, Tapaung full moon day, he inserted inside it, from behind the pagoda, constructed monastery named Dat-shwei-kyaun (Golden Relic Monastery) built with gold bricks together with dignified buildings which included 78 doors and windows and offered this to Thiritadamalinkaya and Thihahtetmahahtei.


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