Monday, May 15, 2006

UKII:63: Mon Queen Shin-saw-pu Flees from Ava

In the year 1430 [791 BE] the Talaing king’s daughter Shin-saw-pu was stolen away by Damatnyanat and Damatdarat. Why was she stolen? Because he treated her so gently, she gave lots of gold and silver to two monks called Damatnyanat and Damadarat who had come to study from the Talaing kingdom to purchase a boat with and all the necessary things needed for Shin-saw-bu to feign being sick. (Then Mohnyin Mintaya by show to medical doctor??) Then Shin Sawbu drank the liquor of seal by dissolving it in water. After she drank it, red and yellow stuff came out of her bowels. When this happened she told Mohnyin Mintaya that it would not be appropriate to receive treatment instead she needed to purify herself to free herself of the malady. They believed her and allowed her to do this (i.e. go the bathroom). Sawbu had already planned ahead for this and she went out from the back door to purify her body and sickness. There was a boat waiting for her and she floated down the river. Mohnyin Mintaya ordered five ministers in five boats to pursue her but they could not find her. During the daytime hiding in the forest and at night travelling along the river, they eventually reached the Mon kingdom in the south. The mon king Banyapayan was overjoyed to see his elder sister Shin Sawbu and built a house in the palace compound for her to live in. Shin Sawpu’s son Banyaparn did not even know that she was his mother because she had stayed in Ava for so long.


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Don't understand. Who treated her gently? If she is treated as such, why would she run away?

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