Monday, May 15, 2006

UKII:64: About arranging the kingdom in proper order.

In the year 1430 [741 BE] by summoning ministers and generals, he discussed internal affairs. Yazatinkyan addressed the Ava king in the following manner: If we are considering about our kingdom’s internal affairs, Taungtwin, Yamethin, and Pinle are not yet subdued. They still lead independent and separate existences (as states). Prome also is located near Toungoo, Taungtwin, and Yamethin. It borders the Talaing kingdom also. It is located near Arakan also. The great governor of Prome is already in old age. By giving another town to the great ruler of Prome, Prome should then be given to your younger son Thihathu. As to the throne of Pagan, when it is vacant, it should be given to your son-in-law Thihapateit the ruler of Pyinsi. As to Myetu in the northern region, you should appoint the younger brother Nawratha the leader of the horse troops of the northern region to reside there in strength. When he addressed the king in this fashion the king decided to give Sakut to the governor of Prome. As to Prome, it was given to his son Thihathu. As to Pakangyi it was given to his son-in-law Tihapateit together with Banchisehtite (town) together with 10 fighting boats. As to his younger brother Nawratha, he was appointed to be leader over nine teams of horses and to garrison Myedu.


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