Monday, May 15, 2006

UKII:62: Sending Troops to Attack Pinle Town

In the year 1429 [790 BE] to be able to suppress Min-ngeh-kyaw-tin who was residing in Pinle, the king sent his son the crown prince, making him commander together with 200 fighting elephants, 3000 horses, and 15,000 soldiers. When they arrived, Bayakamani and Ngabayin engaged in a duel riding on elephants. Ngabayin’s head was cut off. They managed to bribe the keeper of Min-ngeh-kyaw-tin’s elephant named Yeh-taw-tone who entered into their side together with the elephant. Then only did they encircle the town and attacked it several times in vein. After three months of laying siege to the town they were called back to Ava and went back. At that time Yazatinkyan addressed Min-ngeh-kyaw-tin that because he had support from the Shan Onpaung sawbwa he could reside in Pinle with strong defenses. Because the rulers of Yamethin and Taungdwin had support from Yawksawk and Naungmon they could revolt. By setting up an alliance with these towns it will be easy for use to finish up the affair. Mohnyin Mintaya was pleased with the way Yazatinkyan spoke and sent ambassadors to Onpaung and Yawksawk with gifts to set up an alliance with them.


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