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UKII:61: About Min-ngeh-kyaw-htin resisting from Pinle town

Within that year Min-nge-kyaw-htin took Pinle, while the king was staying at the palace called Ta-pet-swe. Marching together with Shan troops from Onpaung, they set free Bayakamani who was being kept with leg irons and let him ride the royal elephant Baw Yan Ning to attack Min-ngeh-kyaw-htin together with 3,000 elephant guards. Then Min-ngeh-kyaw-htin’s whole army was destroyed and he fled. Min-ngeh-kyaw-tin together with all the elephants he could gather went back to Pinle and stayed there. As to Mohnyin Mintaya, since he was so pleased with Bayakamani, by piling up gold for seven days he let Bayakamani put his hand in the gold pile and pull out a fistful of gold once a day. Together with regalia a ruler, the town of Sitku was bestowed upon him. With the prizes he received he built to the east of Ta-pet-swe town a pagoda called Pyi-neit-pan which means Nirvana country.

Bayakamani was the eldest brother, Yaza-thin-kyan was the middle son, and Yanlokyeh was the youngest. Yaza-thin-kyan achieved 35 heroic deeds. With the rewards he acquired for performing those heroic deeds, he built a pagoda called Mahi-yin-ganut to the west of Sitkaing.

Mohnyin Mintaya gave his son Nawratha the title Thihathu. As to his younger brother, the leader of the horse troops from the northern region, he was given the title Nawratha.


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Thank you very much for the chronicle U Kala and Razadarit Ayeidawpon .
It's great ! Will it be continued and do you have any data about the king Bayinnaung ?
Where can i find such information : Hanthawaddy Hsinbyushin Ayedawbon ,Alaung Mintayagyi Ayedawbon ,Alaungpaya Ayedawbon ?

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